White Rhino H.A.R.T™ Shot Challenge Safari



The Adventure

Introducing the White Rhino H.A.R.T™ Shot Challenge Adventure you have a chance at hunting for the iconic White Rhino in South Africa. This adventure is 6 days 5 nights with 4 full days of hunting and 2 travel days. This is an all-inclusive package with lodging at one of our luxurious bush camps and all meals provided. This is a proper hunt where there is no guarantee of success just the thrill of the chase.


The Challenge

The challenge on this hunt is to get the H.A.R.T™ Shot on the elusive and unpredictable White Rhino. You will be guided by an experienced professional hunter who will get you on the game and let you know if it is big enough to qualify. Once giving the o.k., the Rhino qualifies and it’s up to you to make the shot. You will be given one H.A.R.T™ round to complete the challenge so take your time and make it count. The shot placement will be examined and certified by the PH. Once certified as a successful H.A.R.T™ Shot, you will be awarded your trophy.

The Trophy

For this adventure, the original artwork “Thunder Road” by artist David Stribbling will be the trophy you will be chasing. This piece is a one-of-a-kind original oil painting depicting a Rhino on the charge. You can almost feel the earth shake as you gaze upon this wonderful piece that translates so much action and color. David is “one of the UK’s leading wildlife artists and known for powerfully evocative oil paintings with exquisite detail and color, primarily of wildlife subjects with a particular affinity for Africa and the big cats. Galleries and collectors on both sides of the Atlantic eagerly await new work by this artist, whose work has been sold through world-renowned auction houses Christie’s (London) and Phillips (Chester). His work is the subject of the Kindle book Wildlife Oil Paintings. He has been a finalist in the DSWF Wildlife Artist of The Year and delighted and honored to receive a “Highly Commended” from the judges for his 2022 entry.” With a value of over $2,500, this trophy will memorialize this once-in-a-lifetime adventure and become the center of conversation for years to come while having the potential of increasing in value over time.

How It Works

photo rhino on savannah

No experience is necessary as arrival day will be full orientation and training by our PH. By the evening you will be familiar with the equipment and well-versed in what it will take to complete this challenge. Observers/family are welcome at our daily rate and additional H.A.R.T™ hunting adventures can be added at a fee if you wish to extend your stay. In the event you are unsuccessful in your initial shot, you can still complete your Rhino Quest with additional H.A.R.T rounds and receive your H.A.R.T Quest Skullies (which you will want for your collection for what is to come in the future) as well as $500 credit towards the H.A.R.T Trophy of your choice from our extensive selection in our H.A.R.T Trophy Collection.

After the hunt, a donation will be made in your name to Down to the Wire to help protect and save wildlife from poaching. This is the first of many Challenge hunts but it’s always fun to be the first so enter now and enter often. Check out more on the area at the H.A.R.T™ Hunts website. $10,500 Call 833-475-5550 for more info or BOOK NOW!


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