Hunt and Release Technique

Where the harvest is the hunt

Come along and learn with us as we set out to explore the outdoors one H.A.R.T® at a time.


In 2017 101 million people participated in wildlife related activities. 15 million were hunters but their participation was down over 2 million from past years. Hunters And Their Dollars Are The Backbone Of Wildlife Conservation.
To ensure the continued conservation of wildlife and wild places, participation in adventure and the dollars it generates needs to stabilize and increase year over year.  Some may change their eating habits and wish to not harvest an animal. Non hunters may enjoy the outdoors but have no desire to harvest an animal. The list goes on but the instinct to hunt remains. Hunts can take place all over the world but sometimes the logistics of a full harvest adventure can be daunting. H.A.R.T® tries to rectify these issues with an experience custom tailored to the hunters wishes.

H.A.R.T® Adventure Areas

H.A.R.T® Adventures isn’t just about embarking on a unique hunting adventure; we’re also dedicated to supporting various charities and collaborating with specialists across different industries. Presently, our H.A.R.T® Adventures span across South Africa, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. Curious to learn more? Click the links below.


H.A.R.T® U.S.A


Want an adventure that has H.A.R.T®and Horsepower?

Check out Gleaming the Glade Base Camp for an affordable family getaway in the Heart of the Ozarks.



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