Hunt and Release Technique (H.A.R.T™️)

Where The Harvest Is The Hunt™️!

Come along and learn with us as we set out to explore the outdoors one H.A.R.TTM at a time.



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Congratulations to H.A.R.T™ Shot Challenge Sweepstakes winner Pete Herrera!

Follow along on the Big H.A.R.T™ Adventures YouTube channel to see if he gets the H.A.R.T Shot later this year.

H.A.R.T Facts

In 2017 101 million people participated in wildlife related activities. 15 million were hunters but their participation was down over 2 million from past years. Hunters and their dollars are the backbone of wildlife conservation. To ensure the continued conservation of wildlife and wild places, participation in hunting and the dollars it generates needs to stabilize and increase year over year.

H.A.R.T Shots

Videos from the Hunt!

H.A.R.T Safari Part III: The Greater Kruger

In the final leg of this landmark Safari, I continue the quest for the Big 5, Dangerous 7, and the remaining South African plains game located outside Kruger National Park in the Greater Kruger. Some of the largest and most elusive animals are located here. Watch and see how this all unfolds in the quest for H.A.R.T Shots on the rest of South Africa's abundant and diverse game animals.

High Desert H.A.R.T

Heat and lack of water make for a challenging Nevada H.A.R.T hunt. The rugged terrain and beautiful scenery combine to accentuate this rewarding H.A.R.T hunt experience.

Show your H.A.R.T

Send us a video of your H.A.R.T™️ Shot and we will put it in our monthly compilation video. Provide your name and location of your hunt.

H.A.R.T Failure

Listen, sometimes we get excited and we miss or make a bad shot. With the H.A.R.T™️ system, it's pretty obvious if you made a good shot or not. No worries though, the hunt is always good. So send us your misses, too

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The H.A.R.T Condition

Upon completion of a successful H.A.R.T™ Hunt we have a condition that one should make a donation to a charity or cause of your preference as a way to pay homage to the opportunity and the resource afforded to each of us during these adventures.


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