H.A.R.T®Shadow Adventure

These are limited hunts where we chose the species and place and you come along as an equal hunting partner. No Guide/Client relationship here. We plan, hunt, and travel together to help each other achieve that elusive H.A.R.T® shot. These will be extraordinary hunts for extraordinary species. They will be 7-10 days in length with a range from luxury to primitive food and lodging throughout. Sound exciting? Drop us a line at to find out more.

Custom H.A.R.T® Adventure

Don’t see the package you are looking for? Create one specifically for the species or animal you wish to hunt. Contact us at and tell us the details of your dream H.A.R.T® hunt and we will put a custom package together for you. Africa, Canada, U.S., you name it we will work to make your dream come true. Trophies, videography, side tours, or culinary experiences we can put together that adventure of a lifetime. Call 833 475-5550 or BOOK NOW!