Northern Saskatchewan Bear H A R T™ and Harvest Adventure for Two

Do you have a spouse that would love to join you on a hunt but has no desire to kill? Or maybe you have a friend who feels the same ...or is just starting to hunt and wants to take it slow. How about a young son or daughter who you want to hunt with and would like to hone their skills before placing the challenge of a full harvest on their shoulders? With this adventure, you can do just that. One of you will H.A.R.T™ hunt and the other will try and full harvest Black Bear in the bush country of Northern Saskatchewan. You will hunt with one of the top bear guides in the country with the opportunity to see large bears, color phase bears, and lots of bears. Hunt will take place from stands, blinds, or good old spot and stalk depending on the season. This is one of the premier spots in North America to H.A.R.T ™ or Harvest a true giant. This is a full 4-day 4-night hunt with arrival and departure days on each end that are available for hunting as time permits.

This all-inclusive hunt is action-packed and full of bear encounters big and small. Choose your H.A.R.T™ shot wisely as there are some giant bruins roaming this area. Hunt out of comfortable enclosed blinds at a relaxed pace for an enjoyable adventure you will not soon forget. Multiple sightings and multiple H.A.R.T™ shot opportunities can be expected on this adventure. Meals, lodging, and H.A.R.T™ equipment provided. Feel free to ask about our observer rates and other excursions of interest in the area.

After your H.A.R.T™ we can assist in finding that H.A.R.T™ trophy to help you memorialize your hunt of a lifetime. $250 credit given toward your H.A.R.T™ trophy upon confirmation of a successful H.A.R.T™ shot.
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