Spiral Horn H.A.R.T®Coup

A coup is defined as an “unexpectantly successful achievement” or “an achievement which was especially good because it was very difficult”. In Native American terms, it was an act of bravery in a battle where the enemy was touched but not killed to prove his skill in battle. This is the essence of H.A.R.T® hunting. On this adventure, you will hunt the Eland, Bushbuck, Nyala, and Kudu to complete the Spiral Horn Ku. Suited for both Novice and seasoned hunters alike, we will take you on the stalk to position yourself for that all-important H.A.R.T® shot. Stalk alongside excellent trackers as you pursue that trophy-sized Kudu, elusive Eland, wary Bushbuck, and the beautiful and majestic Nyala. Choose your shot carefully as on this quest you will get one H.A.R.T® shot on each animal so you’ll want to pick your animal and your shot wisely.  Sound exciting and challenging? Sure it does! So come enjoy all the property amenities while you try and fulfill your Spiral coup. Bring that special someone or the whole family. H.A.R.T® is for everyone. Special day rates apply to non-participants/observers. Let us put together a package specifically for you. Want a video record of the hunts? We can do that too, as well as help you find a H.A.R.T® Trophy to memorialize your adventure. $5,000 Call 1 406-851-1314 or BOOK NOW!