Elephant H.A.R.T® Adventure

In the spirit of Karamojo Bell, test your shot placement and tracking skills in pursuit of the Africas biggest game animal… The elephant! You will spend 5 days and 4 nights in the greater Kruger Area of South Africa hunting the Magestic African elephant.  Our skilled trackers and expert PH will ensure your safety as well as the safety of your quarry as you embark on your quest for that once in a lifetime tusker H.A.R.T® Shot. While there you will enjoy all the amenities this great property has to offer. Those details as well as photos of the properties are listed below. Add a variety of plainsgame to your stay at the daily rate to complete your safari should you H.A.R.Tvest your elephant early. Feel free to ask about our observer rates and other excursions of interest in the area.  After your H.A.R.T® we can assist in finding that H.A.R.T® trophy to help you memorialize your hunt of a lifetime. Would you like video documentation of your adventure? We can do that too. Let us help you put together the perfect package for your H.A.R.T® Hunt. $6,500 Call 1 406-851-1314 or BOOK NOW!