Eastern Cape H.A.R.T®Mentor Hunt

Eastern Cape H.A.R.T Mentor Hunt

Are you wanting to get started into hunting but don’t know where to begin? What better place than Africa to learn and experience the hunt in luxury. Join us as we teach you everything you need to get started in the hunting lifestyle. On day one after we get you settled in we’ll go for a drive and show you some of the game you will be pursuing. We will also get you oriented with practices of conservation, ethics, and safety. Day two will find us at the range getting you familiar with the rifle and getting some practice with live rounds and H.A.R.T® rounds. When we feel you are ready we will take the afternoon and go on your first stalk, learning to carry the rifle and navigate the terrain. This is where you will learn about tracks, scent and wind direction, walking softly, and trying to spot your quarry. Day three finds you early in the bush on a full-on H.A.R.T® hunt. In the traditional subsistence hunter fashion, you will hunt any species that present an opportunity for a stalk. This will be an action-packed day where after a good meal and a warm fire, we will examine your H.A.R.T® shots together and offer advice if the improvement is needed. Day four thru ten finds us in pursuit of animals in two different areas. You will hunt a variety of plains game species with no less than 20 different species that may present themselves on this epic 10-day plains game safari.  The morning of day 10 is your day so we can relax and recount the past days and answer any remaining questions you may have or embark early on one last H.A.R.T® shot attempt before returning you to the airport that afternoon.  At any time you and the PH decide you are ready for a full harvest hunt, you may harvest an impala for supper at no additional charge. Our professionals will take you through the process from stalk to processing and finally the fire pit as a total field-to-plate experience. This is only an option for those who are ready for that experience. Otherwise with will H.A.R.T® until your heart is content.  Want video documentation of your first hunting experience? We can help you with that. Looking for that special trophy option to memorialize the hunt? We can do that too. Contact us now to book this unique experience and begin a lifelong journey into the outdoors. $8,750 Call 1 406-851-1314 or BOOK NOW!