Build Your Own African Safari

Design your own custom H.A.R.T® safari. Pick your length of stay, accommodation type, species, and trophy options for the ultimate personalized adventure of a lifetime. Daily rates are $350 per person per day and include lodging and meals. Pick from a long list of African species for $250 per H.A.R.T® shot. You can expect to have an opportunity for 2 to 3 shots in the morning hunt and the same amount during the evening hunt. You can also add bigger game species like Cape Buffalo for $3,750, Elephant for $5,000, Crocodile for $1,500, Leopard for $5,000, Lion for $5,000, and Hippo for $2,000. Experience all the thrill of hunting these iconic beasts at a fraction of the cost. After the H.A.R.T® shot, let us help you find that trophy that will help you remember this extraordinary experience. Filming of your adventure and other side adventures can be added to create the ultimate package. The best part is all the equipment is here so just bring your luggage and sense of adventure and let the fun begin. Call 1 406-851-1314 or BOOK NOW!