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Who We Are

Welcome to Big H.A.R.T® Adventures, where the spirit of adventure meets a commitment to conservation. Established in 2021, Big H.A.R.T® Adventures is dedicated to providing unparalleled hunting experiences through our unique Hunt and Release Technique (H.A.R.T® ).


H.A.R.T® stands for Hunt and Release Technique

H.A.R.T® , which stands for Hunt and Release Technique, embodies our ethos of ethical hunting practices and wildlife conservation. Our journey began in 2021 with our inaugural H.A.R.T® adventure in South Africa, and since then, we’ve expanded our hunting areas to include the stunning landscapes of the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

What it’s all about

At Big H.A.R.T® Adventures,

we’re not just about the thrill of the hunt – we’re passionate about preserving wildlife habitats and supporting conservation efforts. That’s why we proudly partner with non-profit organizations like Down To the Wire to contribute to meaningful conservation initiatives.

What we do

Who is Big H.A.R.T Adventures?

Big H.A.R.T Adventures specializes in crafting thrilling experiences for clients seeking H.A.R.Ting adventures. We expertly match you with outfitters or landowners eager to offer H.A.R.Ting opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter seeking a full harvest outfitter or someone interested in a H.A.R.T-focused experience, we tailor the adventure to your preferences. While landowners may not be outfitters themselves, they provide the picturesque settings where H.A.R.T adventures unfold. In essence, Big H.A.R.T Adventures serves as the conduit, linking you with licensed and experienced outfitters or landowners ready to host your H.A.R.Ting escapades.

If your an outfitter or landowner interested in partnering with Big H.A.R.T Adventures, please reach out via our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you’re and adventures interested in giving H.A.R.Ting a try, please reach out via our contact page or browse through our available adventures.

An outfitter or landowner interested in partnering with us?  Please reach out.

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Join us for an unforgettable journey where adrenaline-fueled hunting adventures meet a deep-rooted commitment to conservation. Experience the wilderness like never before with Big H.A.R.T® Adventures.